Chase Projects

Cromer Rd

Working on an expansive 5-acre property located on top of a hill bordering a national park, we were given scope to create major transformations to structures that where left abandoned for well over a decade.

The renovations took place over two residences; a pool house and the main house.Renovations to the houses included extensive structural remedial works; a folding stackable frameless glass bar area overlooking a fully renovated tennis courts; a new verandah, external fireplace; entertaining area; complete landscaping; customized timber bollards and lights – not to mention the construction of a helipad.

Given the property’s remote location, certain infrastructure requirements were made. This included the installation of 100kva genset "synced up" with mains grid power for blackouts that fully supports the property if power is cut. A fire protection system with fire hydrants around the perimeter of the property was also included for peace of mind, backed up with a 110KL rain harvested water tank for the landscape’s reticulation and fire defense.

Architect / n/a

Completed Date / 2013