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Goonoo Goonoo Station Homestead

Architecturally Goonoo Goonoo Station Homestead comprises of two elements, firstly the restoration of the original Homestead that was first built in 1840 and secondly the two new contemporary pavilions linked to the rear of the original homestead. Both of the designs have different lines drawn to them and require different materials to form their respective beauty. The Goonoo Goonoo Station homestead build is sophisticated & grandeur, requires more than attention to detail and this is evident when walking through the interiors and around the exteriors of the Homestead. With period finishes that make the homestead glow in it’s former glory, to the fine lines of the contemporary pavilions which hide the connections of materials work in contrast to the “old homestead” and bring the renovation into the 21st century.

Goonoo Goonoo Station Homestead Won the 2015 Master Builders Award.

Architect / TKD Architects

Completed Date / 2015