Chase Projects

Residential Construction
As a key business area, Chase Projects provides construction excellence across new homes, alterations and additions to existing properties.

Heritage Restoration
Specific knowledge applied to detailed renovation and works carried out on heritage homes and properties of all eras.

Asset Management
Property is perhaps one of our clients’ biggest assets, so we are perfectly equipped to maintain all property types - protecting your most valuable asset.

Commercial Construction
Highly detailed approach to construction across all levels of commercial developments, big or small.

Pre-DA budgets & Pre-construction budgets
Budgeting can be challenging so leave it to Chase to provide step-by-step guidance and consultation across budgeting for pre-DA and pre-construction.

Fixed price and/or total-sum tenders
Chase can provide clearly outlined budgets when applying for tenders for projects of all scopes.

Construction management / Cost-plus
A professional team canvassing all aspects of construction that keeps you informed throughout key phases.